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September 2021 Company News

September has been an exciting month for Maven! From announcing that CRST has selected Maven as their all-in-one driver & fleet management platform and telematics partner to attending the McLeod Software User Conference 2021, we’ve had another busy month.

Product Updates

There have been several product updates including the addition of new features and several improvements to existing features. Refer to the September 2021: Key Feature & Product Updates blog post for more details.

Maven in the News

  • CRST has selected Maven as their all-in-one driver & fleet management platform and telematics partner as reported by DC Velocity, Fleet News Daily, Supply Chain Quarterly, AJOT, Industry Today, and Journal of Commerce.
  • Bob Cunningham joined Maven Machines as Chief Product Officer and reported by Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, NewsBreak, AIThority, AJOT, DC Velocity, and Commercial Carrier Journal.
  • Avi Geller, CEO of Maven Machines, explains why fleets should continue investing in automation, the Internet of Things, data analytics, and workflow software in Food Logistics.
  • The e-commerce boom catapulted the 3PL market into the spotlight, but implementing automation and employing driver safety and recruitment programs help trucking companies keep on truckin’. Food Logistics speaks with Maven CEO Avi Geller.
  • GloblTrade Magazine looked to Avi Geller, CEO and founder of Maven Machines, to give an idea of exactly how truck drivers are handling the new logistics climate and what companies can do to further protect, support, and retain their workers.
  • Maven CEO Avi Geller discusses the autonomous trucking timeline with
  • Read the article in GlobalTrade Magazine titled “Artificial Intelligence: The Trucking Industry’s Biggest Asset” written by Maven CEO Avi Geller.
  • The article by Transport Topics explores why carriers must look beyond driver pay to impact the driver shortage, featuring insights from a variety of thought leaders in our industry, including Maven CEO Avi Geller. 
  • Tune into the Trucking for Millennials podcast from Podcast America to hear Avi discuss the tech renaissance in trucking and how truck drivers and fleet managers can improve their productivity, while also enjoying their work more. 
  • What are we referring to when we talk about “improving the driver experience?” Listen to this recent L.I.N.K. podcast conversation with Avi Geller and Associate Editor Brielle Jaekel to find out what this means and how our industry can better take care of its truck drivers. Brielle and Avi also chat about trucking trends, technology, and more!
  • By embracing advancements in route optimization, workflow, and fleet management technology, fleets can optimize their operations to accomplish more, even with fewer resources. Find out more about Maven’s perspective on digital transformation and fleet optimization in trucking in this Commercial Carrier Journal article.

The Maven Blog

September’s blog articles include:

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