Fleet Management for the 21st Century

Real-time mobile and cloud technology for the modern fleet. 2017 winners of the Innovation Leader award.

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2 Braking Score
80 Mirror Check
3% Speeding
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11% Speeding
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Maven ELD - We Make it Easy

Maven ELD is being called a giant leap forward in design and usability. Our reimagined HOS experience favors large buttons and a bright displays. Maven ELD unifies fleet management by integrating compliance, telematics, and safety on a single mobile device paired to a plug-n-play vehicle data adapter (VDA). We are registered & certified with the FMCSA.

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ROI That Pays for Itself

With Maven Smartsense™, fleets will reduce accidents, improve compliance, cut maintenance costs, and be more competitive with real-time technology.

Stop profit leaks due to: idling, speeding, hard-braking, off-route driving, long-stops, and more. Maven is designed to be flexible and meet your ROI needs. Our powerful mobile-cloud platform automates workflows and measures your fleet’s goals in real-time.

20% Fuel Efficiency
15% Fewer Accidents
35% Speeding Reduced

Maven Smartsense™ automates fleet management.
Install it yourself in under 5 minutes.


1 second resolution for
GPS, speeding, & braking


Mobile ELD and the
1st voice guided DVIR

Driver Safety

Driver facing apps
with Active Coaching


Smart headset with patented
fatigue detection

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Maven protects our most valuable assets— our drivers

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Safer & Smarter

Maven is pioneering a new era for fleet management and driver safety using mobile, cloud, and IoT.

Maven’s Plug-n-Play mobile solution blends wearable, sensor, cloud, speech, and machine learning technology with real-time communications. Why spend thousands of dollars on fleet management equipment and outdated software for a more complicated, less capable system?  Start getting instant alerts and upgrade your safety, telematics, and compliance in 5 minutes.