Maven Route Planning: Live Demo by CEO Avi Geller at FreightWaves FOSC 23

Click on the above video to view a short sample from the FreightWaves demo. To gain access to the full 7-minute demo video or to book a meeting with Maven, reach out to

Maven CEO Avi Geller showed off our Automated Route Planning & Optimization software in a live, real-time demo at the FreightWaves Future of Supply Chain 2023 event, wowing the crowd in just under seven minutes with the:

  • Speed at which a user can automatically plan routes in Maven’s AI-powered platform: 70% faster on average vs. prior to using Maven Route Planning.
  • Efficiency gains and mileage and cost reductions due to the optimized routes: Fleets typically can cut one route per terminal per day, and the cost of running routes is reduced by 19% on average annually.
  • Ability to visualize and improve capacity utlization to build a revenue-increasing plan that adds one more stop per route.
  • Flexibility of the platform to allow for fast manual adjustments and exception management.
  • Accuracy and quality of the data provided to fleets at the customer, vehicle/driver, and stop levels.

Find out how to expedite and consolidate your fleet’s planning function and reduce the number of daily routes run, empty miles, and cost of running routes, while also maximizing capacity and adding more stops per day to increase revenue and profitability.

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