May 2023: Maven Product Updates

We’ve highlighted a few recent feature updates on the Maven platform from May 2023. We have several other new productivity-boosting and safety/compliance features coming soon, so keep an eye on your inboxes over the next month! You can always contact us to learn more about Maven.

May 2023: Highlighted Features & Product Updates

Maven’s cloud-based platform consists of a flexible, modular suite of software products for ELD/Telematics, Fleet Management, Workflows, P&D, Dispatch, and Route Planning & Optimization for LTL, truckload, private and dedicated, beverage, and last mile fleets of all sizes. 

To learn how to access specific features or purchase new products, email

For technical support inquiries or to receive further instruction on how to use a feature, please contact

All Maven Products: Messaging Experience Update

Introducing: Shared Inboxes

For situations where multiple dispatchers and/or managers are responsible for driver success, the Shared Inbox is a new Maven Messaging feature that gives these users visibility into each other’s messages with drivers. For example, a shared inbox could be created for all of the dispatchers within a terminal or a shared inbox could be created for all driver managers and safety managers in a fleet. The Shared Inbox feature is another optional feature that simplifies and expedites communication between groups of dispatchers, managers, and drivers. 

To enable this feature: This feature is automatically being rolled out to all fleets. From the Group Admin page within Fleet Administration, admin users can create groups of managers for a Shared Inbox. Admin users can give these permissions on a group-by-group basis to as many groups across their fleet as they want in Maven.

To use this feature: Once “Shared Inbox” is enabled from the Group Admin page, the dispatcher or manager user can now see any of their Shared Inbox names based on their group memberships on the left side of the screen. They can easily click into each inbox to send and view messages. This feature does not impact their existing ability to send individual and other group messages.

When a message is sent from within a Shared Inbox, the recipient receives the message and all members in that group are automatically “CCed” in the inbox. The username of any individuals who send or reply to messages appear below their messages, and all messages can be seen by all members of the group. 

Maven Mobile App Updates for Drivers

Drivers Can Change Their Own Language Settings Directly in the Maven Mobile App to Spanish, French, or English

Maven has introduced user-specific language settings so that each driver can see the Maven driver app in their chosen language, even across multiple devices. Drivers who speak a different language no longer need to change their phone settings when they switch phones or share their mobile device with other drivers. Now, they can select English, French or Spanish just once in their Maven Mobile App when they log in, and their preference will automatically be saved in the app. The default language is set to English, so drivers who prefer Spanish or French should update the Settings section of the Maven app (see above images for reference) if they have not done so yet. Over time, we will be adding to our foreign language capabilities and translations. This feature is available for all fleets.

Maven Dispatch Portal

Highlighting & Quick Identification of Multi-Customer Stops

This new feature provides highlighting in the Maven Dispatch portal to help users more quickly identify when a single stop has multiple customers. This improves visibility for the dispatcher for enhanced communication with drivers and others. It also gives managers and leaders the ability to quickly see this information, helping them better identify and understand stop efficiency and the potential for profitability from multiple customers at specific stops.

This feature is coming soon and will automatically be enabled for all fleets.

Maven Careers

Please keep an eye out for top talent to send our way. Trucking industry experience is a plus!

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