Maven Machines Announces New Flexible Driver and Fleet Workflow Solution, Maven Workflow

New solution enables users to create flexible custom forms and stop and location-based workflows, increasing driver productivity and fleet efficiency

PITTSBURGH –– January 28, 2021 — Maven Machines, a premier fleet management and telematics software company in the commercial trucking and transportation industry, today announces Maven Workflow, a new software platform that allows users to create flexible custom forms and stop-based, location-based workflows. This platform is part of Maven’s flexible product suite that allows fleets to manage drivers and trips while meeting each user’s unique set of operational needs. Maven Workflow complements Maven’s suite of enterprise fleet management software solutions, including Maven Fleet, Maven Dispatch, Maven Inbound, and Maven ELD

Maven’s new solution focuses on the flexibility of fleet and driver workflows — a long-standing pain point for managers, planners, dispatchers, and drivers alike. Maven Workflow provides a step-by-step workflow guide at each stop a driver makes, showing necessary information and forms configured for that specific stop type, location, and customer need. The type and sequence of the forms are customizable and easy to integrate within Maven’s mobile application and inventory of fleet management solutions. With Maven Workflow, providing fleets with access to reliable, accurate information in a flexible trip management platform and mobile driver app will help managers and drivers meet customer demand and improve fleetwide efficiency.

Maven also eliminates outdated mail and email-based communication methods with real-time, streamlined messaging and workflow processes. Drivers can now easily access important workflow information about their trips and stops right on their devices, wherever or whenever they need it. 

“At Maven, we’re working to optimize processes for both fleet management and drivers so that fleets can also provide better services to their customers,” said Avi Geller, CEO of Maven Machines. “With Maven Workflow, we’ve done just that by providing users with a customizable workflow experience that leads to enhanced productivity for fleet managers, drivers, dispatchers, and planners alike. Productivity enhancements and operational efficiency improvements impact both the bottom line and the top line for fleets, resulting in cost savings and revenue growth, and ultimately, increased profitability.”

With the new workflow platform, fleet managers can also garner real-time insights into drivers and trips to ensure efficiency, safety, and increased productivity. With public APIs and the capability to instantaneously update a fleet’s transportation management software (TMS) with live data, combined with Maven’s suite of digital solutions and mobile application, managers can also achieve completely paperless billing, HOS, and driver management all in one platform. 

“Maven Workflow is an intuitive driver workflow solution that provides customized, step-by-step workflow layouts and forms for each unique situation or customer,” said Alexa Ekberg, a product manager at Maven Machines. “Different workflow options can be used for each stop, and drivers can work smarter, not harder. Managers can gain insight into a drivers’ trips, vehicle movement, and ETAs. This boosts fleet productivity as well as improves the overall driver experience.”

Additionally, because of Maven Workflow’s ease-of-use and integration capabilities, the time required to train new employees drastically decreases. Subsequently, the need to learn a variety of complicated systems is now unnecessary, as Maven has created a configurable platform that meets each fleet’s specific operational needs.

This announcement follows Maven Machines’ $7 million Series A and the appointment of Todd Dorsey as CRO and the promotion of Rachel Firestone to COO. To learn more about Maven, please visit For more information about the Maven Workflow solution, specifically, please visit

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Maven Machines is reinventing transportation management. With Maven’s powerful, easy-to-use software platform, trucking and transportation fleets leverage mobile cloud and industrial IoT technologies to optimize efficiency, safety, and profitability. Maven utilizes machine learning and data analytics for real-time, automated dispatch, planning, route optimization, workflow, and fleet management solutions. Maven’s exponential growth is largely driven by close industry partnerships, empowering fleets to produce measurable results with innovative technological solutions. For more information, please visit 

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