Fully Compliant ELD

Future proof your fleet with the most modern and intelligent ELD on the market. Maven’s mobile-cloud architecture and plug-n-play hardware simplify roll-out while providing industry best resolution and reporting for managers.

Don’t let Hours of Service take hours of set-up. Outfit trucks and enroll drivers all in 5 minutes.

Driver App for HOS

Automate HOS (Hours of Service) to save time and paperwork. The driver app goes above-and-beyond to help drivers manage their Record of Duty Status (RODS) and provides insight and alerts. Manage 4 time-clocks at a glance. Bold UI design reduces line errors and clearly indicates unfinished tasks such as log approvals or changes.

Maven Machines ELD product is like nothing else on the market. It offers the power of systems costing thousands more, while uniquely addressing driver safety, driver communications, driver fatigue, telematics, weather, routing, and active-coaching.

The Maven Machines app runs on iOS and Android phones or Tablets. Maven supports BYOD (bring your own device) or we can provide end-to-end service, including; devices, LTE plans, mounts, cases, and remote management.


Maven ELD App for HOS

Maven ELD Hardware

Maven Machines rugged J1939 adapter streams CAN bus data from the truck directly to the mobile app. The Maven VDA adapter is the core of our self-certified FMCSA ELD application. In addition, the VDA streams real-time data into both the Telematics and Safety sub-systems.

The Maven VDA plugs into the truck’s diagnostic port. (Converters are available for older vehicles). Zero tools or maintenance personnel are needed, simply plug-in and twist. The Maven VDA is continuously powered and pairs easily with the driver’s mobile device and Maven Machines app. Our ELD solution is effective, tamper-proof, and resilient to network or coverage outages.

Maven VDA ELD Dongle Adapter

Maven Manager (Portal)

Maven Manager is a modern work-flow designed to help fleets run more smoothly, more safely, and violation-free. The color-coded UI helps managers understand changing HOS conditions at a glance. However, we expect managers are busy and not typically at a desk. Experience the Maven Manager that sends alerts by email or text messages so you can step away from your desk and still be on top of events.

The Manager has powerful search features. Type ANY keyword- driver name, ID, date, and watch as results are instantly filtered. Drag your mouse over a series of days in calendar view to see an 8 day history of driver logs. It’s that easy!

The Maven Manager is built on groups so you can view drivers by ANY category. For example, view HOS by terminal, seniority, risk-level, load or tractor type, etc. Similarly, managers can be assigned protected views so a terminal manager can only view their drivers.


ELD Rule Summary

The FMCSA is the governing agency overseeing the regulations contained in 49 CFR Parts 385, 386, 390, and 395. The intent of these rules are to “improve commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety and reduce the overall paperwork burden for both motor carriers and drivers by increasing the use of ELDs within the motor carrier industry, which will, in turn, improve compliance with the applicable HOS rules.” -The FMCSA

Maven Machines offers a self-certified ELD solution to comply quickly and effectively with new laws. Maven’s advanced platform is dedicated to make this new law less a burden and more an efficiency for both Fleets and Drivers.

Flexible Mobile ELD

Maven ELD is a real-time system providing drivers and managers with the greatest flexibility. This state-of-the-art solution based on micro-services is easy to adjust, update, and use. No other ELD on the market has a more intuitive interface. The entire system is contextual, meaning that notes and UI adjust depending on the task you’re trying to complete

Maven ELD