Smart Mobile Safety - Available Today!

  •   hands-free wireless headset
  • 14+ hours of talk time
  • Pairs to multiple smartphones
  • Comfortable durable speaker
  • High quality mic w/ noise suppression
  • Real-time Driver Fatigue Alerts
  • Head-bob detection
  • Mirror-check Monitoring
  • App w/real-time Driver Safety Gauges
  • Transparent Driver Behavior
  • Active Safety System
  • Incident Reports, Analytics, and more

"Fatigue and distraction factor heavily in 500,000 yearly truck accidents and drain $30 Billion in damages. Let us be your vigilant monitor in the fight against fatigue. Drive Safe&Sound™ with the Maven Co-Pilot™."

Stakeholder Testimonies

team Company Owner “The Co-Pilot protects our most valuable asset—drivers. We believe many others in the industry will follow as this device proves its great value in keeping drivers safe.”

team Safety Officer “The Co-Pilot eliminates a blind spot for us around human behavior. With Co-Pilot data added to our vehicle telematics dashboards, we now get a much clearer safety picture.”

team Truck Driver “I like knowing it keeps me safe. It’s also the most comfortable headset I’ve worn and the noise cancellation must really work because callers keep asking me if I’m sitting at the house.”


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