Maven Mobile App

Maven Machines Mobile App

The free Maven Machines app for drivers is a modern mobile app with intuitive interface designed with input from professional drivers. Maven’s app assists drivers with critical daily responsibilities including safety, efficiency, and ELD compliance. The Maven app is the first app to offer integrated real-time biometric feedback from the Maven Co-Pilot headset for real-time fatigue and distraction management.

Mobile Software + IoT

Maven Machines puts drivers first! Drivers have full visibility into the metrics fleets use to measure their success. Using either their own device (BYOD) or a tablet, drivers get the most advanced mobile app that provides real-time coverage of safety, telematics & routing, and ELD compliance.

Another benefit of mobile-cloud platform is advance warnings for traffic, weather, and possible fatigue based on route-forward forecasting and machine intelligence.

a truck, a dongle, headset and mobile phone working together

Active Coaching & Speech Technology

The app provides adjustable settings for ‘Active Coaching’ to accommodate both new and veteran drivers. In addition to fatigue, alerts can be set hard-braking, speeding, weather and more. Drivers who also use the Maven VDA for electronic logs compliance will see an HOS tab in the app with timers, record of duty status (RODS), and activity manager (e.g., To-Do list) for compliance.

Total transparency helps drivers advance their rankings within their fleet’s Culture of Safety or Driver Rewards Program.

Maven Verbal Safety Alerts

Culture of Safety

Culture of Safety

Driver & Safety Centered

Professional drivers face many daily challenges related to compliance, routing, and safety issues. Maven’s research found many technologies including inward-facing cameras and various hidden telematics systems provide little real-time benefit to drivers. Maven made it their mission to to leverage mobile software to improve the efficiency and safety of drivers.

Maven first pioneered Wearable technology to provide real-time fatigue & distraction gauges using mobile devices.  As one of the most deadly and prevalent causes of crashes, drivers appreciate Maven’s non-invasive method of monitoring fatigue and the well known guideline to check mirrors every 5 – 8 seconds.

Today, Maven is a leader in driver-centric mobile safety software providing value to drivers in every critical area for trucking including; hands-free communications, real-time safety, telematics & routing, and regulatory compliance.


Maven Driver Safety App