Maven Manager

Maven Manager / Portal

The Maven Manager is new breed of flexible, modern, SaaS software designed to better manage your fleet of trucks, trailers, drivers, and loads. Maven’s cloud-based portal pinpoints the sources of risk in your fleet and intelligently guides users to clearer, faster improvements in safety, efficiency, and compliance. Get full fleet insight with no installed equipment plus full transparency for drivers.

Maven, With You Every Mile™


Braking Alerts

Maven provides real-time braking alerts and one-click access to see events on the map. Maven provides a work-flow to handle events with drivers. Maven's mobile app and communications headset can automate driver coaching by sharing alerts instantly with the driver.


Speeding & Idle Alerts

Maven's flexible system sends real-time alerts to any device so managers aren't tied to the web portal. Critical events like speeding, braking, and idling are tracked and triggered based on your fleet's requirements. Maven easily accommodates customized alerts such as meal paid meal breaks under California Labor Law.

Real-time Visibility

Maven’s portal puts the information you need one click away. Powerful search instantly fills results as you type. Maven’s IoT platform is completely real-time and has 1-second data resolution for instant insight and immediate response to real world situations.

Our modern UX is the result of customer feedback and designed to quickly access key queries such as; calendar span, driver ID, driver name, terminal or location. Don’t let your business be boxed in by software, try Maven’s mobile Fleet Management platform and discover how to lead with insights.

Intelligent Software

Maven’s mobile-cloud software architecture is transforming trucking. Adaptive design and flexibility tied to every metric ensure value to a variety of users. Whether you’re with operations and focused on the business process, or the safety division with an eye towards reducing risks, you’ll find the information you need to make decisions quickly.

  • 1-Second Pings
  • Active Coaching
  • Flexible Metrics
  • Fatigue Monitoring
  • Safe & Smart
  • Driver Scorecards

Safety is Savings

With liability spending increasing each year, risk reduction is the only way to save. The Maven Manager automates fleet management to ensure safer and more efficient trips.

Many fleets misunderstand phone and communications policies or shy away entirely. Maven pioneered safe communications both automated & direct-to-driver. Maven protects these critical channels of correspondence.

Try the real-time mobile fleet management solution that truly puts safety first and still bends to your fleet’s unique needs.