Maven Co-Pilot

The Maven Co-Pilot™

The patented Maven Co-Pilot™ is the world’s first smart headset. The Co-Pilot is a unique driver safety device that captures fatigue & distraction in real-time and pre-alerts drivers at the first signs of risk. The Co-Pilot connects to the Maven app and also provides transparency to key metrics such as speeding and braking to help drivers avoid penalties and improve behaviors.

The hands-free Co-Pilot revolutionizes driver communications; a critical piece of moving freight. Designed for professional drivers and packed with sensors and a connection to the cloud, the headset is truly an automatic co-pilot and coach.

Maven's Co-Pilot headset

Wearable Technology

Maven creates better drivers through mobile devices and full transparency. Much technology in trucking has been hidden to drivers. Early telematics systems were installed under the hood. Cameras pointed at drivers are reactive, not pro-active tools.

Maven believes strongly in real-time mobile technology and 100% driver transparency. Maven is committed to promoting a culture of safety by helping drivers instantly understand behaviors.

Smartsense™ IoT Platform

The Maven Co-Pilot is a smart ‘Hearable’ IoT device. It connects to a driver app that’s connected to the cloud. In addition to fatigue, critical information such as routing, weather, messages, braking, and HOS flows to the driver.

The smart headset provides value to a driver all day. A good example is the the pre-trip inspection. Our Hearable device provides voice guided instruction so a driver can use two hands, or hold a flashlight. They can use gesture controls to nod their head and confirm a station passes inspection.

Our smart headset is designed to make a drivers day safer, more efficient, all while providing the best legal communication system available.

Maven Driver Safety App

Safe & Legal Communications

Fatigue and distraction factor heavily in 500,000 yearly truck accidents and drain $30 Billion in damages. A 2010 study by the FMCSA concluded that hands-free communication is safe, so long as drivers don’t interact with the device, or take their eyes off the road.

Maven’s innovation helps fleets set a phone policy and communicate with drivers instantly & safely. For example, a fleet manager can safely text a driver because text is converted to speech on the app. A driver can use gesture controls (e.g., nod their head) to acknowledge receipt. Only Maven combines eyes-free & hands-free.


The Maven Co-Pilot uses the popular BlueTiger brand chassis which provides exceptional comfort, all day battery-life and noise cancellation.

  • 24 hour standby / 14 hours talk-time
  • Mirror-check detection
  • Distraction detection
  • Gesture control
  • Active Coaching
  • Pairs to multiple devices
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • Bluetooth® 4.0, Classic
  • Dual Mics / Noise cancellation
  • Weight: 10oz