Map Vehicles

100% Real-time Telematics

Make your fleet more efficient with GPS. Zero installation required. Be more competitive with real-time visibility of all assets, routes, speeds, weather, and instant mobile alerts.

Jason Smith Warning
4 hr Drive Time Remaining
48 min Idle Time
Yellow Truck
Mark Johnson Warning
40 Seconds Speeding
72 Posted Limit: 65
Red Truck
Aaron Rodriguez Okay
93 Mirror Check Score
87 Average Day Alertness
Green Truck

Maven’s Portal for Managers

Experience real-time GPS asset tracking and intelligent mobile telematics. It’s easy to set your fleet goals and see continuous progress.

Maven saves you time with smart triggers, instant texts and email alerts, and dynamic map views of your entire fleet. Maven telematics feature pinpoint route, geo-fence, idle-time, weather, driver compliance, and critical behavior metrics like speeding & braking.

Maven Manager is a platform designed for fleet efficiency and safe delivery. Manage your fleet more proactively with less work digging for answers.


Flexible Design

Imagine fleet management software customized to your needs and an effortless driver roll-out process that anyone can do in just 5 minutes.

Incredibly easy user interface! Create driver groups, make custom metrics, set dynamic KPIs, search on ANY field, see instant auto-fill results and lightning fast refresh rates.

a map of the United States where certain trucks are grouped and others aren't

Insights for Fleets & Drivers

Only Maven provides biometric level driver monitoring along with raw vehicle data. Fleets get enhanced telematics overlaid with the richest driver behavior insights.

Additionally, Maven’s “Hearable” technology allows active coaching by communicating clearly and instantly to drivers. This trifecta of human monitoring, asset monitoring, and smart hands-free communications sets Maven apart.

  • Real-time location
  • Speeding alerts
  • Hard braking
  • Lower risks
  • Save fuel with idling detection
  • Communicate safely
  • Geo-fence Alerts
  • Stop Detection

A Modern Workflow

If you’re tired of cluttered dashboards, slow pings, and even slower development… you’ll enjoy the modern workflows and rapid innovation from Maven. We are paving a new path for fleet software. As the ELD mandate dawns, start off right with the industry’s most modern IoT platform and future proof your investment. Read more about Maven’s ELD and compliance solution.