Monitor Fatigue

It’s reported driver fatigue & distraction contribute in 75% percent of crashes.

A 2005 study showed 3 of 4 CMV drivers experienced at least one type of driving error as a result of drowsiness.

Maven is the first real-time driver fatigue monitor. Our unobtrusive design places smart sensors inside a practical Bluetooth headset. Drivers get verbal updates at the first signs of drowsy driving.

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Driver Fatigue Detection

Detect Fatigue Early

Maven is the first company to digitally measure alertness and fatigue through head motion. A key metric for fatigue is driver behavior and adherence to best practices like checking mirrors every 5 – 8 seconds. Before fatigue sets in, Maven detects any decay or inactivity over 60 seconds

See Every Mirror-Check

Defensive driving is measured as Mirror-checks every 5 -8 seconds. It’s the key to proper surveillance for high-risk maneuvers such as lane changes, merging, exiting, backing, and threat avoidance. Mirror-check behavior is often unconscious, and therefore a good indicator of driver skills training. Create better drivers by helping them be vigilant and aware.

Improve Driver Behaviors

Maven helps fleets better understand risk. Maven’s biometric monitoring gives a clearer picture of critical driving events such as hard braking by plotting driver alertness. The graph shows a drowsy driver with multiple braking and speed events.

Detect Distraction

Many fleets have no tools to monitor distraction. Maven solves that with real-time distraction detection & alerting. Maven’s motion algorithms are designed to detect the tell-tale downward glances of distraction. When detected, Maven alerts drivers that their eyes are off the road.

Pictured at left, a driver makes 75 extended downward gazes. Maven uses bright event-markers to quickly identify distraction and inattentiveness. The app alerts drivers, while the overall behavior is queued into coachable events. Whether your drivers have inexperience shifting, or are distracted from using mobile devices, Maven will detect & correct dangerous habits.

Mirror-Checks Relate to Risk

The best driver training courses as well as the FMCSA all agree that drivers should check their mirrors every 5 – 8 seconds. Maven is the first and only company to measure this critical defensive driving skill. The Maven app guides drivers into the ‘Sweet Spot’. The following image illustrates two drivers with vastly different habits.

A fleet would normally view the risk of these two trips exactly the same if there were no critical events such as speeding or hard braking. However, with Maven, it’s clear the driver on the right is less attentive and goes miles without checking mirrors. Let Maven help automate driver safety and improve the scorecard of your fleet or terminal.

Detailed Driver Behaviors

Maven helps fleets better understand the safety of drivers and risks of their routes. With Maven’s unique motion capture technology, fleets can now view the driver safety behaviors based on road type or route.

Many fleets experience crashes in yards and local spots where driver’s may let their guard down. (The chart shows how driver alertness increases as the driver enters a major highway.) Maven can help automate driver consistency directly through alerts or indirectly through driver rewards, driver scorecards, and safe driving contests.

Automated Skills Training

Maven Machines innovative smart headset for driver safety and fatigue monitoring has helped thousands of drivers improve. Using Maven is like taking a classroom onto the streets. Maven shows every mirror-check in real-time, provides a clear gauge for fatigue, and actively coaches difficult aspects such the physics of braking.

Drivers appreciate the apps transparency and controllable alerts. Maven is designed to fit with your fleet’s Culture of Safety and provide all the core metrics to drive rewards and driver retention programs. Contact us for details on how we can advance the safety and lower risks for your fleet