Be Compliant

A New Breed of ELD

Let Maven’s Smartsense™ IoT platform turn the ELD mandate into your competitive advantage. A 100% mobile solution that’s compliant, instant, detailed, intuitive for drivers, and easy to install or move between trucks.

Get the ELD that comes with the added value of real-time driver safety and end-to-end telematics. All for one price and no added hardware to install.

Trucking is one of the most regulated industries.

Maven helps fleets balance hardware costs with efficiency gains, improved safety, and legal compliance. Maven Smartsense™ is a mobile IoT solution that automates regulatory compliance and will change how you look at fleet management.

See how Maven has re-envisioned the driver experience and created an app that actively supports and reduces the driver’s daily work load to maintain compliance.

The FMCSA mandate for ELD is coming December 18th

Don’t overspend for compliance

Maven offers a fully compliant mobile ELD solution that seamlessly integrates with Maven’s other mobile systems including driver safety, real-time telematics, and hands-free communications. Maven’s Plug-n-Play Electronic Logging Device and mobile Hours of Service app provides efficient compliance for FMCSA’s regulation outlined in Transportation title- CR 49, part 395, sections 1-38. (ruling)


Maven’s mobile-based vehicle inspection app outperforms paper and even fixed electronic devices.

With a fully mobile solution, drivers are guided around the vehicle with a speech driven interface. Drivers can use the smartphone’s camera and flashlight feature to view and capture defects. Maven is the only company offering confirmation that the driver walked around the truck with NO hardware required on the truck. Drivers can even use gesture controls to ‘nod their head’ to approve a station. This innovative feature allows drivers to use 2 hands for inspection, or hold an instrument or light while still providing on-the-spot digital capture of information.

a portion of maven's app on an iphone


Maven Smartsense technology can automatically detect when state-lines are crossed.

With the Maven ELD device, automation of fuel stops and gallons purchased are also accounted.

a map of a truck crossing state lines showing the times when it crossed and how much gas was purchased on the way

Company Specific Regulations

Flatbed haulers may ask drivers to stop and check the securement of heavy cargo after 30 minutes of driving because shifting loads can be deadly.

In addition to legal regulations, Maven easily handles customized work-flows and alerts to both drives and managers. This is the power of intelligent software and flexible reporting.

  • Stop & Look
  • Load Securement
  • Idling
  • Speed
  • Hands-free
  • Phone Policy

California Labor Law

Maven is the first to use mobile phones and speech technology to actively coach hourly drivers in the state of California when to take required breaks.

This mobile solution is easy for drivers to follow and quickly guarantees compliance. The CA labor law has seen multiple fleets hit with heavy lawsuits. Maven provides an instant solution with NO hardware costs.