Welcome to Maven Machines

Maven Machines Fleet Management

Thanks for stopping by our new website and blog area. As our first post, I’d like to welcome any new readers as well as our returning customers and users! We want to share our story here and describe our plans to shape a new era in trucking technology. Maven Machines was founded with the goal to make reliable, innovative technology that’s easy and unobtrusive while providing valuable time savings and even lifesaving alerts.

As you get to know Maven and our vision for driver safety and fleet management, we welcome your questions, comments, and challenges. We believe the keys to building stronger, safer, more agile fleets centers around familiar mobile-based devices running intuitive software, real-time data with full transparency for drivers, and great customer service that listens carefully and delivers quickly.

In the space of a few short years, Maven Machines has grown from the world’s first smart headset for driver safety, to real-time telematics, and now to regulatory compliance and HOS. We are proud to announce two new products here today; Maven ELD, plus the Maven Co-Pilot SE™, a new lightweight smart earbud. By pairing a driver friendly ELD, with safety, telematics, and a smart communications device, Maven has succeeded in bundling full fleet management aboard a simple mobile-cloud platform.

As mentioned above, all our products are built around off-the-shelf mobile devices which most people already understand how to operate. Every aspect of our platform is real-time and ready to provide critical alerts or perhaps just a simple compliance reminder. Every product we create is based on your feedback and designed to solve specific trucking challenges or rethink inefficient fleet processes.

We have a long journey ahead but we are driven in what we do! We’re eager to show the industry how great software and a modern mobile platform can benefit everyone involved in the transportation of goods.

Safe travels,

-Avishai Geller, founder & CEO