Prevent Accidents

Prevent Accidents

Make your drivers better – automatically! Loaded with smart sensors and intelligent software, only Maven detects fatigue & distraction and provides 100% eyes & hands-free communication.

Braking Score


Per 1000 miles

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Mirror Check Score


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% of time over the speed limit

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Braking Score

A weighted average of all braking events, measured in brakes per 1000 miles.

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Capture Critical Events

The only platform to combine driver biometrics with telematics data for the clearest safety scorecard in trucking. Get instant alerts and improve driver habits with automatic coaching.

Fatigue Detection

Only Maven measures the FMCSA guideline to check mirrors every 5 – 8 seconds. Our Smart headset monitors driver alertness 50x per second keeping drivers safer pre-warning them at the first sign of fatigue & distraction

Automatic Speeding Notices

Speed & Speeding

Maven provides up-to-the-second resolution for speed and posted speed limits. The FMCSA cites speeding as a primary cause of crashes and with Maven’s automated, hands-free coaching system, fleets have reduced speeding behaviors by 40%.

Visibility and Actionable Data for Managers

Maven Manager Portal

The portal differentiates Maven Machines. Built to be 100% real-time and with modern UI elements to reduce clicks and maximize information availability. View the health of your fleet at a glance.


If problems arise, detailed actionable insights are one-click away. For example, instantly see a hard-brake event. Plus Maven will overlay driver fatigue, speeding, and local weather in the same view to better understand driver behavior & safety trends. Maven provides more timely and accurate views to reduce risks.

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Maven Smartsense™

The industry’s most modern and intelligent safety solution.

Maven combines sensors from the mobile device, and J1939 adapter 50 times per second. Multiple systems monitor driver activity including; fatigue & distraction, phone use, plus pin-point accuracy for traditional telematics like speeding, braking, idle-time, and routing. All metrics are visible (or can be spoken) to drivers in real-time making them active participants in your safety culture and goals.

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Culture of Safety

Culture of Safety

Safer Transportation through Transparency

Verbal or text alerts sent to drivers and managers for KPIs including:

  • Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Braking
  • Distraction
  • Seat Belt
  • Texting
  • Weather
  • Many More...

Driver Scorecard & Rewards

Drivers enjoy Maven’s responsive, transparent, and easy to use technology.  Our app generates automatic rankings for all KPIs. Maven’s Grouping feature helps segment drivers by terminal or almost any status you wish. Maven’s driver-facing software is intelligent and actively helps drivers improve.

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7,500 safe miles in May

Mirror check rate 98%

Speeding under 0.5%

One mobile system to do it all!

Define your safety goals. Understand driver behaviors. Communicate safely with drivers. Leverage speech technology for active coaching. Maven makes the tools and software drivers need most. Continue reading about how fleets rely on Maven telematics to improve fleet efficiency.