Maven VDA

Maven Vehicle Data Adapter

The Maven VDA (Vehicle Data Adapter) is a wireless Plug-n-Play adapter for ELD compliance. The Maven VDA is the legally required link between the truck’s data CAN-bus and the driver’s HOS app. The Maven VDA automatically parses required ELD data including; VIN, engine hours, odometer, and authenticated user. The Maven VDA is powered by the truck and pairs wirelessly to the Maven Machines app.

The Maven VDA is attached to a secure J1939 fitting that can be easily installed by any driver without the need to schedule service technicians. The Maven VDA has fail-safe memory so data is maintained even if something occurs to the app or network. Additional data fields such as MPH, MPG, and RPM feed forward into Maven’s safety and telematics systems to provide up-to-the-second insight into the health and location of every truck.

Maven VDA ELD Dongle Adapter

Mobile ELD Solution

The Maven VDA is supported by modern mobile software that runs on tablets or smartphones. The VDA’s primary role is to support ELD compliance. However, the VDA data is also a great tool for digitizing vehicle maintenance, driver safety behaviors, and deeper telematics and fuel optimization. All software is automatically updated from the cloud to the local driver.

Maven works with fleets and operators to determine the best in-cab solution. We provide flexibility to use driver phones, dedicated tablets, network SIM cards, and other accessories such as mounts and cases. Start doing more with less using off-the-shelf mobile devices and Maven’s suite of automated compliance, safety, and telematics.

Instant Cloud Visibility

Maven’s intelligent portal will track driver duty status updates in real-time.  Reduce tedious staff work or outsourced verification with Self-Auditing logs.  Fleet managers will have confidence assigning loads with the Maven Manager’s intelligent violation alerts.

Maven’s cloud-based ELD portal efficiently prioritizes incoming log changes to help you quickly collect re-certification from drivers and track down drivers with tardy log entries.  Try the ELD built on the industries fastest and most flexible mobile-cloud architecture.

ELD Rule Summary

The FMCSA is the governing agency overseeing the regulations contained in 49 CFR Parts 385, 386, 390, and 395.  The intent of these rules are to “improve commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety and reduce the overall paperwork burden for both motor carriers and drivers by increasing the use of ELDs within the motor carrier industry, which will, in turn, improve compliance with the applicable HOS rules.” -The FMCSA

Maven Machines offers a self-certified ELD solution to comply quickly and effectively with new laws.  Maven’s advanced platform is dedicated to make this new law less a burden and more an efficiency for both Fleets and Drivers.

Added Value of Safety & Telematics

Get clearer insights into Safety and Telematics from real-time VDA data. The vehicle's CAN bus provides information to more accurately analyze fuel efficiency, predictive maintenance, and defensive driving skills.

  • Speeding
  • Fatigue
  • Braking
  • Distraction
  • Seat Belt
  • Texting
  • Weather
  • Many More...