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Platform of Hearables

Drowsy Driver Monitor

Maven Machines is pioneering a mobile technology platform for trucking safety based on hearables. In order to detect behavior and prevent incidents, we have married wearable technology with an earpiece so that critical events are communicated directly and immediately to the driver (whether by voice or haptic response.) As a special type of wearable, Hearables are also socially acceptable because people are used to wearing and seeing others wearing headsets or ear-buds. Another advantage is that head position informs focus and alertness in driving and is therefore most advantageous biologically speaking.

Contextual Awareness

Maven Machines is built upon sophisticated processing aimed at discerning subtle differences, both biologic and external. Our nuanced approach means that we work closely with industry experts, physiologists, and workers to decipher actions, environment, and responses. By focusing on contextual awareness, the system is more than a one-dimensional trigger. For example, the Maven Co-Pilot provides a continuous safety shield over the course of a driver’s 10 hour shift.

Multi-Use Cases

Maven Machines’ contextually aware hearables platform is highly relevant to a large number of stakeholders. Even within the Co-Pilot realm, the data can be used to ‘crowd-source’ driver behaviors, pin-point accident prone areas, or be used by insurance underwriters. Similarly, the technology can be adapted to the needs of bus drivers, taxis, heavy equipment operators, mining, medical, high-rise construction, and more.

Truck Driver Fatigue Alert