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Two New Fleets Deploy Maven Machines’ Driver Safety and Management Solution

Pittsburgh, PA- July 12:  Maven Machines announced today that two new fleets have begun using its driver management platform called the Maven Co-Pilot™.  Modern Transportation out of Sewickley, PA and Conard Logistics of La Vergne, Tennessee have both deployed Maven’s patent pending driver safety and communications solution.

The driver management platform advances transportation safety and productivity by leveraging mobile technology and by being 100% transparent to drivers.   “There is no other product on the market that’s as accurate or unobtrusive- two key concerns for drivers who are confronted everyday with more technology entering the truck,” said Avi Geller, CEO.  The Maven Co-Pilot is a continual process improvement tool that provides real-time gauges, alerts, and active driver coaching as events unfold.

Fleet management requires frequent communications between drivers and dispatchers.  However, given the dangers of texting and DOT regulations prohibiting CDL drivers from lifting a handset to their ear, dispatchers struggle to send and receive acknowledgements related to routing, load times, and other business correspondence.  Maven designed the communication features to help fleets communicate safer and more efficiently.

Many dispatchers spend a majority of their day on the phone.  Now with Maven, they can type alerts into a web portal where the message is automatically converted to speech and read directly into the driver’s ear.  A novel aspect of the wearable device is gesture control so drivers can send back acknowledgements simply by nodding their head.



Wearable Technology for Driver Safety


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